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Where Did Wireless Defensive Driving Come From?


You should be well aware by now that is a Texas defensive driving course approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation for the purpose of ticket dismissal or insurance reduction. But did you know that the owners and creators of this defensive driving course go way back in the industry? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

In 1990 there was the development of a great little Texas defensive driving course called Comedy Defensive Driving. One of the partners in that endeavor was Kyle Collins, who, incidentally, developed the course driving this blog – Kyle built Comedy Defensive Driving into a statewide success story – with franchises in most major cities. Defensive driving had never seen such a surge in students. It was a phenomenon and the TEA became familiar with Kyle and the innovation he brought to Texas defensive driving.


Building on the success of Comedy Defensive Driving, Kyle and now partner, David Ianni, wrote and created the first online defensive driving course in Texas. In the late 90’s they developed and spent 2 years gaining approval from the TEA (before the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation). The agency had never had an online defensive driving course developed in Texas and spent a great deal of time assessing its credibility. The course was and was approved in 1999 and went online in 2000. It was a great success! During this process Kyle helped introduce legislation in Austin to shorten the required Texas defensive driving course from the eight hours taught back then to the more manageable six hours required now. He was successful and the length of the course taught today is a credit to his hard work and diligence.

Following the entrance of online defensive driving courses into the mix there was an enormous growth in the number of new courses being offered online. All other courses online owe their success to the development of that first course, But there was something missing and Kyle Collins and partner David Ianni decided to innovate once again. In 2011 Kyle wrote a new curriculum and he and David launched The intention of this new Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation approved online defensive driving course is to make it even more convenient to get your 6 hour requirement done. This course can be taken on any compatible wireless device and listened to anywhere. No longer do you have to sit in front of your computer or sit through a class for 6 solid hours. You can take as little, or as much, of the course as fits into your schedule. It doesn’t have to be taken in one sitting. Made as a primarily audio course, it can be downloaded to your device and listened to while you work out, sit by the pool, do housework, sit in a café, etc. For those who like to read along there is also an option for reading the text.

So, from classrooms across the state of Texas, to plugging in to your Ipod, defensive driving has transitioned greatly in the last 25 years. But one thing has remained certain – Kyle Collins will continue to improve the Texas defensive driving scene in order to make taking a course more educational and convenient.

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