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Speed Limits Changes Could Affect Defensive Drivers In North Texas.

Heads Up To Defensive Drivers – Speed Limits Going Up In North Texas.

Speed limits have a way of going up and down in Texas, much as the temperature does! The state is divided into many regions and in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area we have a planning group called the Regional Transportation Council that works with the North Central Texas Council of Governments to set these speed limits. If these changes are approved by state and federal agencies then the Department of Transportation will begin putting up new signs.

If approved speed limits on some highways will go from 60 to 65 (I20, Loop 820 and Texas 121 in central Ft. Worth, Grapevine, North Richland Hills and cities in or near the center of Tarrant County) Others would go from 65 to 70. For a map of proposed speed limit changes check out:

Why the changes in speed expectations? Actually it is simple. In 2001 speed limits were reduced in order to reduce pollution from auto emissions. You may remember that at the time Texas was struggling to find ways to meet EPA requirements. Pollution was a substantial problem in the state at the time and the federal government had enacted tough federal pollution reduction laws.

What has changed in 13 years? According to the Ft. Worth Star Telegram, many pollution issues have been addressed through other means. Better traffic signal timing, the use of technology to warn motorists of bottlenecks and restrictions on trucks in the left lanes of highways are just a few. In addition emission requirements have been more stringent for cars and trucks and the equipment has become more efficient.

Speed Limit Defensive Driving

According to the Dallas Morning News these changes would not take place for at least 6 months. So until you see new signs go up stick to the posted speed limits on your favorite Texas highways. And if you exceed that and get ticketed contact us at We have been doing defensive driving in Texas for a long time and have helped tens of thousands of drivers over the years.

Our online, built for mobile devices, defensive driving course is approved by the Texas Eduction Agency, the only regulating agency in the state. If you would like to take our course for free it is all available at our Youtube Channel.

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