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STICKER SHOCK  – new law that will affect you

As of March 1, 2015, Texas will be going to a one sticker policy when it comes to your inspection and registration stickers. The inspection sticker will disappear because when you register your car from now on you will be required to have your inspection up to date.  When you get your auto inspected you will now receive a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) instead of a sticker. This will be required when you next register your car.

New Law In Texas

There is a great website set up by the state to explain this new program. Some of the highlights noted on the website are:

–        If the dates of your stickers don’t coincide you can take steps to get them in sync.  This may mean going beyond your 12 months cycle for inspection. So if you are up for registration in April, 2015, but your inspection is due in August, you will go ahead and get your sticker in April but not need to have your car inspected until April 2016. That is because the new sticker makes your inspection due date in April of every year.  Once these two are synced up it will be easy to remember.

–        Vehicle inspections should cost less because they will no longer be charging you the state’s portion of the inspection fee. It will cost more, though, to register your car because that fee will now be included in that cost.

–        There will be no changes to what is actually inspected. The same requirements as before are still in place.

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