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Memorial Day – Driving with 36 million other drivers

This weekend 36 million people will get on the road. The weather is finally good, winter is over, and we are all looking to get out of Dodge for some fun. You can already smell the grill and hear the laughing. Taking the family on the road for a couple of days of fun is one of our most beloved things to do.

Defensive Driving Road TripRoad trips are one activity we enjoy doing together. No, we are not always laughing and cheerful, we do travel with teens after all, but at the end of the day, we do have a good time.

This weekend, while on the road, we will talk about Memorial Day, what it means to give up things for the greater goods and something bigger than any of us. Of course paying attention is only possible between answering to a tweet, vine, post or whatever else is critical and needs to be addressed right-at-this-moment. We will talk about our parents, our family, friends and their sacrifices at home and around the world.

Strapped next to each other in a moving car, will not necessarily make us a captivated audience, but surely a captive one. (Tip: Always have the child-lock engaged on the rear doors).

We will try not to be in a hurry to get there. I am the one that needs most help in with that. Thankfully plenty of people in the car will make sure we’ll pull over for jerky, sweet tea, frequent bathroom stops and of course Dairy Queen.

We will plan a time to arrive at destination, but we will never actually make it on time. Getting there eventually is a much better plan than not getting there at all.

dog catching wind

Aggressive driving, sleepy driving, drunk driving, distracted driving have no place in a car full of people barreling down the road at the speed limit (ok, maybe a couple of miles over the limits). All you have to do is drive. Really, just drive, as in, ONLY drive. There is enough going on in the car and on the road around you to keep you busy. You don’t need to be a killjoy or a downer, but remind your passengers, with whatever threats necessary, that you are trying to just drive.

Be nice, have fun and paraphrasing Dylan, take care of making good memories for you cannot relive them.

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