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Driving Tips for Your Spring Break Trip

Spring break and March go hand in hand. Sometimes it means a trip to the beach (to escape all this cold weather!) or it can mean a ski trip (to further embrace the cold weather!). Wherever your destination this spring break, if you are driving you should plan ahead to be safe.

spring break defensive driving

Here are a few guidelines for your trip:

*Have your vehicle checked out by a qualified mechanic.  Have any required maintenance performed.

*Time your trip appropriately. This means drive in daylight hours, avoid rush hour, do not travel during peak hours on major holidays and avoid days when the weather will be bad, if at all possible.

*Wear your seatbelt!!! This is highlighted because it is so important – not just on vacation, but anytime you are in the car. And this includes all your passengers!

*Turn on your headlights and try to pick a route that is well maintained and lit. Use your headlights, even in daylight because it helps other drivers to see you.

*Practice good defensive driving, yielding right of way even if you think you are correct. This will avoid accidents. Drive at the posted speed limit, unless weather conditions cause you to have to slow down. When coming to an unexpected stop on the highway be sure to put your flashers on. This will alert drivers behind you that there is some kind of problem to be aware of.

*Take a break often, every 90 minutes if possible. Get out of your car and stretch. Rotate drivers often if possible.

Staying safe should be your priority every time you get behind the wheel. Teaching you to be safe is our priority at Log on for all your defensive driving needs.

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